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Sunday, February 17, 2013

DIY Basement Bar Top/Area

I know I usually only post about food, but I wanted to share the transformation of my unfinished basement.  I especially wanted to share my DIY bar top. 
I started with a cheap piece of wood from Lowe's, trimmed the ends with 1 x 3's.  Once completed, I stained the wood with a Golden Oak stain.  Once stained, I coated the top and sides with 5 layers of poly. 
Now it was time to mount the bar top to the wall.  I decided to use steel conduit for the legs, was not impressed.  I decided to box it in with wood, a window frame appearance.  I hit hobby lobby and purchased some burlap.  Once the burlap was mounted to the back, it was time to stencil.  I printed out some outlines of pictures in relation to Louisiana life and cut the stencils.  Placed the stencils in the squares and dabbed with acrylic paint.  I think it turned out nice, different.  Next, the kegerator, and base boards.  :))))

Added the additional cabinets.  Stained in golden oak, ready for some poly...


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  1. Starting to come together...and nicely I might add...Keep going, the projects never end.