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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Black Beans and Corn w/ Tasso..Bacon Wrapped Beef Smokies

I was craving tasso, so I decided to just throw something together.  I added some butter and cooked the tasso.  I added a can of Rotel, Corn, Black Beans, Garlic and of course "Slap Ya Mama".  I then added chicken stock, heavy cream.  After it cooked for a few, a cup of rice was added.  It wasn't bad, but not great.  Oh well, it was food.  Think next time I will try chicken enchiladas.

I cooked up a little appetizer.  I grabbed some beef lil smokies, wrapped in bacon and seasoned with my BBQ rub.  Cooked until the bacon was crisp, then added to BBQ sauce in a crockpot. 

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