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Monday, February 20, 2012

Smoked Italian Fattie

This is what is called a "fattie".  I didn't invent it and don't claim it.  I learned of this "fattie" on a forum for those who enjoy smoking meats.  There are so many combinations you can do.  I have seen pizza fatties, breakfast fatties, dessert fatties, etc. 

This is one I tried previously and wanted to show you how awesome it looks after being smoked.  For this one I used one pound chubs of sausage.  For the filling I chose Italian blend cheese and Italian meats consisting of hot calabrese, pepper salami, and hot capocollo. 

I know it is not the healthiest meal in the world.  This is something I smoke a few times a year or when requested.  Like I said, let your imagination run wild on this one.  With spring around the corner I wanted to repost...

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